AdWords Tool

You've probably seen already some Pay Per Click (PPC) Tools.
Even regarding Keywords (does not matter if Google Adwords, Yahoo/Msn/Bing or other Search Engines), there are dozends of Tools available.
BUT: Nothing like this!

Tweedo PPC Tools: AdWords Tool
Improve your Google Adwords Campaigns Quality Score, Relevance and Clickthrough Rate(CTR) to Increase Conversions and Minimize Cost-Per-Click(CPC)!

  • Google Adwords Campaign Builder
  • Keyword Tool (Combinations, Generator, Seeds and multiple Expansions, Broad-, Exact- and Phrase-Matches)
  • Ad Tool (Text-Ads for Google Adwords, using Seeds and multiple Expansions)
  • Split Strategy (Maximize Relevance through Ad Group splitting => minimize Costs per Click (CPC)
  • ONLINE! (no need to download, install, license, etc.)

Tweedo PPC Tools: Google Adwords Tool is a Google Adwords Keyword Tool plus a Campaign Builder for your Ads which Optimizes your Relevance and Ad Spend by building variations/mutations of Ads!

Does this work? Yes, we have prove!
  • First of all: How did you find this Site? Aha, here you go!
  • Second: Some statistical exports which might you make think...

Adwords Tool Campaign Conversion Rates 2010 The graph above shows you what's probably the most important goal to reach regarding online marketing or affiliation: The Conversion Rate. More specific Ads might bring you less traffic maybe, but this traffic will be better targetted and therefore, you will reach a higher conversion rate which at the end will cost you less as you have to pay for less clicks! Makes sense? Check the graph above and see what happened to one the campaigns, after we started to use the Tweedo PPC Adwords Tool!
Adwords Tool Campaign Cost Per Click (CPC) Rates 2010 This leads us to the campaign's Cost Per Click (CPC), which is a very important factor when determining wheter a online marekting campaign is successfull or not. By decreasing the CPC, you can reach more people and make more out of the advertisments. In the green campaigns example, we've bought approx. three times (!!) the traffic in clicks as before with the same amount of money! That's was huge success and made us very confident that our strategy works!
Adwords Tool Campaign Clickthrough Rates (CTR) Rates 2010 By being more specific concerning the targeting by keywords and ads, we were able to raise the campaigns clickthrough rates (CTR) about 3 times! This means: With the same monthly ad cost, we tripled (!!) the amount of visitors coming to the landingpage. Plus: this visitors were more interested (because more specific keywords) and they bought more, which leads to higher conversion rate (first graph).
Adwords Tool Campaign Ad Impressions 2010 The campaign ad impressions were quite impressive, though, we're not really interested in as we're paying per click and not per view. Nevertheless, it's quite interesting that one could reach more views with more specific keywords - ok, we had more keywords than before by factor 1000 but still interesting ;-)